AGLatin Wiki

401. You would see* people departing and rushing from the whole city. (*potential subjunctive.)

402. And like ants when they plunder a huge pile of grain,

403. mindful of winter*, and store it on the roof, (*hiemis = gen. w/ special adjective "memorēs")

404. a black army goes on the fields, and they carry along the

405. spoils through the grasses on a narrow path: part, having striven, push

406. large grains with their shoulders; part bring the armies together

407. and punish delays*, every path boils with the work. (*metonymy; "delays" for "delayers".)

408. What a feeling there was to you*, Dido**, seeing*** such things, (*"tibi" is dative of possession. Note that it can also be translated "what a feeling you had". **vocative. ***"cernentī" is dative, so it describes "tibi", not "Dido".)

409. or what groans you were giving, while you were seeing* that (*circumstantial "cum" clause.)

410. the shores boil far and wide from the highest citadel, and [while] you were seeing

411. that the sea was being mixed before your eyes with such great shouts!

412. Wicked Love, what do you not compel mortal souls to do!

413. She is forced to go again into tears, to seek him again by entreating,

414. and to submit her souls to love*, humble**, (*dative case. **describes Dido (understood).)

415. so that she, about to die, may not leave anything untried in vain.