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105. To that goddess* (for she felt that she had spoken with a pretended mind**, (*"goddess" supplied; referring to Juno. **ablative of manner, as an ablative absolute would sound very clumsy here.)

106. by which she might avert* the kingdom of Italy to Libyan shores) (*subjunctive; relative clause of purpose.)

107. Venus entered* in this way: "Who, crazy, (*i.e. entered the conversation.)

108. would refuse* such things or prefer* to contend with you in war?" (*both deliberative subjunctive.)

109. If only fortune would attend* the deed which you remember. (*optative subjunctive.)

110. But I am carried by the fates uncertain whether Jupiter wants* (*indirect question)

111. one city to be* for the Tyrians** and them having set out** from Troy (*complementary infinitive, or you can translate it as "that there is one city for…" and make it indirect speech. **dative of reference.)

112. or approves that the peoples are being mixed* or that alliances are being joined*. (*please do not translate these as "that the peoples be mixed" or "that alliances be joined".)

113. You are his wife; it is* your** right to test the soul by entreating***. (*"est" supplied. **dative of possession. ***ablative of means.)

114. Proceed; I will follow." Then royal Juno rejoined in this way:

115. "That task will be with me. Now (heed) I will teach in what manner* (*obvious ablative of manner.)

116. what urges can** be done with a few words***. (**indirect question. ***"words" supplied; ablative of manner or means.)