The tired followers of Aeneas hurry to seek the shores which are closest on a course, and they are turned to the shores of Libya. The place is in a long inlet: the island forms a harbor with the protection of sides, by which every wave from the deep sea is broken and cuts itself into led-back bays.

From here and from here, vast rocks and twin crags tower into the sky, beneath the top of which the save seas are silent far and wide; then a scene with waving forests from above, and a black grove hangs over with a shuddering shaddow; beneath the facing front, there is a cave with hanging crags, sweet waters with in and benches from living rock, the home of the nymphs. Here, not any chains bind the tired ships; an anchor does not bind with a hooked bite.

Aeneas approaches here, 7 ships having been collected from the whole number; and having gone out with great love of the land, the Trojans obtain desired sand and put their limbs, soaking with seawater, on the shore.And first, Achates hammered out a SPARKLE! from the flame and undertook a fire with leaves and placed dry fuels around it and snatched a flame in the fuel.

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